Software engineer since 2008, I am mainly interested by web technologies, especially JavaScript language and web architecture.

You can download my resume as PDF here (note that my phone number is not displayed on this version).

➡️ Main Skills

  • Backend: Java, Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Security, etc.), JPA / Hibernate
  • Frontend: JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, VueJS, React
  • Database: Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Tools: Docker, Git
  • Other:
    • Interested in algorithm and data structures,
    • Security (especially web application security)
    • Performance (yes, reading an explain plan is one of my hobby…).

➡️ Open Source

You can find the list of my personal projects publicly available on GitHub here.

➡️ Professional Experience

2021 - PRESENT – Alan

As a software engineer, I work on the platorm to make the life of our members easier.

  • Back: Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy)
  • Front: TypeScript, React
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Other: Docker, Git
2017 - 2021 – Malt Community

Software Engineer and Technical Leader.

I have had opportunity to work on various parts of the platform, such as:

  • Content Management System:
    • Work on an integration with an headless CMS called prismic.
    • The goal here was to improve the flexibility of our corporate website by allowing non tech people (mainly marketing and product designer) to update content and illustrations without pain.
  • Search engine (propulsed by Elasticsearch)
    • Improve the search engine performance and relevance.
    • Improve the matching between customer requests and freelancers profiles displayed in search results.
  • Improve and maintain the tech stack:
    • Database performance (explain plan analysis, etc.).
    • Design and implementation of internal frontend / backend modules used accross the whole platform.
  • Back: Java, Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Security, etc.), JOOQ
  • Front: JavaScript, TypeScript, VueJS
  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ
  • CI/CD: Maven and Yarn as build tools, Bamboo as continuous integration server.
  • Other: Docker, Web Security, Git
2012 - 2017 – Zenika

As a consultant, I had the opportunity to work on various projects:

  • Design and implementation of a platform used to monitor IoT devices:
    • Collect and store measures sent by devices.
    • Alert on abnormal values or malfunction.
  • Design and implementation of the platform for a well known french supermarket chain
    • Improve the pricing process from few hours to approximately 15 minutes.
    • Design and implement an algorithm to optimize the supply chain.
  • Design and implementation of a web UI for a french insurrance company.

  • Back: Java, Spring Framework, JPA / Hibernate
  • Front: JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, React
  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka
  • CI/CD: Maven and Gulp as build tools, Jenkins as continuous integration server, Sonar.
  • Other: Docker, Git

As a trainer, I have had the opportunity to train software engineers on:

  • Angular: https://training.zenika.com/fr-fr/training/angular/program
  • React: https://training.zenika.com/fr-fr/training/react/description
  • TypeScript: https://training.zenika.com/fr-fr/training/typescript/description
  • JavaScript: https://training.zenika.com/fr-fr/training/init-javascript/description
  • Java: https://training.zenika.com/fr-fr/training/java/description
  • Git: https://training.zenika.com/fr/training/git/description
  • AngularJS (basic and advanced concepts)
2011 - 2012 – Arkoon

Design and implementation of a web application used to manage AMC (Arkoon Management Center) Servers.

  • Front: JavaScript (jQuery, BackboneJS, requireJS) and HTML5 technologies (WebSocket, pushState and history API)
  • Back: Play Framework v2 (Java) and Python.
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Other: Git
2008 - 2011 – Orange Business Services

Design and implementation of web applications.

  • Front: Development using Flex or Javascript (jQuery) technologies.
  • Back: Java (Spring, JPA / Hibernate)
  • Design and implementation of REST API used to communicate between heterogeneous applications.

➡️ Education

🏆 2005 - 2008 – INSA Lyon

Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Informatique (equivalent to a master degree in computer science)

🏆 2003 - 2005 – DUT Information Lyon

➡️ Languages

  • 🇫🇷 French: mother language
  • 🇺🇸 English: Good working knowledges

➡️ Miscellaneous

  • Passionate about cinema (particularly gangster’s movies from 70’s to 90’s such as “Godfather”, “Goodfellas” etc.).
  • Passionate about J.R.R Tolkien books (“Lord of the rings”, “The hobbit” or “The Silmarillion”).